Customisable Oil Absorbent Pads by Sorbene

Chemical Absorbent Pads

Sorbene chemical absorbent pads are widely used to absorb most acids, bases, and harmful chemicals. These pads are ideal to use wherever chemicals are placed, handled, and spilled. Hazchem (also known as chemicals) pads are made from polypropylene and graphene and come with color-code for simple identification. These pads are capable to soak up to forty-five times their weight in liquids and finish off chemical spills quickly. Ideal for chemical process plants, chemical storage, and food & potable processing plants.

• Pads are ideal for wipe out miniature spills.
• Dust-free and do degrade or chemically react with liquids.
• Anti-allergenic and non-hazardous.
• Improves safety within the workplace.
• Straightforward to use without needing any specialized PPE.