Customized Oil absorbent Pillow by Sorbene

Chemical Absorbent Pillow

Sorbene chemical absorbent pillow to absorb acids, bases, and harmful liquids. These pillows are perfect to utilize in places where chemicals are set, dealt with, and spilled. Hazchem pillows are made from polypropylene and graphene. It comes with a shading code for identification.
These pillows are capable to soak up to forty-five times their load in fluids and polish off chemical spills rapidly. These are perfect for concoction process plants, compound stockpiling, and nourishment and consumable preparing plants.

• Pillows are perfect for clear out small scale spills.
• Dust-free and chemically inert.
• Anti-allergenic and non-perilous.
• Improves wellbeing and the work environment at the premise.
• Straightforward to utilize while not requiring any specific PPE.