Chemical Absorbent Socks

Sorbene Chemical Socks

Sorbene chemical absorbent socks are extensively used to ingest most acids, bases and destructive fluids. These socks are immaculate to use wherever hazardous compounds are set, managed and spilt. Hazchem (in any case called chemical) socks are made up from polypropylene and graphene which is concealing coded for fundamental ID.

These socks are skilled to absorb to forty-five times their own heap in liquids and finish chemical spills quickly. Socks are without tidy and can not corrupt or chemically react with liquids and are ideal for creation process plants, pharma industry, research centres, compound accumulating and sustenance and consumable getting ready plants.

• Socks are ideal to get out enormous scope spills.
• Anti-allergenic and non-hazardous.
• Improves prosperity inside the workplace.
• Straightforward to use while not the necessity for explicit PPE.