Frequently Asked Questions – Sorbene


Sorbene is the only manufacturer producing spill kits using Graphene, all other competitors use polypropylene. Sorbene products are lightweight and provide the highest absorbency per unit weight. This makes our spill kits easier to handle and move around during an emergency spill response.

Yes. We customise spill kits based on the client’s requirements.

You can contact us at or send an enquiry through our website form.

Yes. The customisation of the product can be done depending upon the order quantity.

Yes. Sorbene products are indigenously manufactured in India.

Sorbene products are environmentally sustainable when compared to products made of polypropylene (PP). We have minimised the use of microplastic in the form of polypropylene.

Nanomaterial (Graphene-Sorb): Sorbene uses Graphene, the wonder material as an absorbent. Graphene-Sorb provides the highest absorbency in the market. 

Absorption: Sorbene products provide the highest absorbency per unit weight.

Weight (Lightweight): Sorbene products are very lightweight which makes the usage very efficient during an emergency spill. 

Reusability (Oil-Only): Our oil-only absorbent pads can be reused up to 5 to 6 times.

Sustainability: Sorbene products are relatively more environmentally friendly than other spill products made up of 100% polypropylene (PP). The gaseous content during incineration of Sorbene products is well below the permissible limit.


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