What makes “Sorbene” unique?

Most conventional pads are made using a type of polymer named polypropylene to absorb and clean oil.
However, Sorbene from Log 9 Spill is made using graphene – an allotrope of carbon, that high elasticity and hydrophobic nature of which makes it really difficult to get
wet and efficiently absorbs oil from water bodies.

About Sorbene

SORBENE products are created from graphene, high elasticity and hydrophobic nature make it tough to urge them wet and helps effectively to absorb spill from the surface of land and water bodies. Besides, Sorbene is made with a fine objective of delivering most potency at a value that’s as smallest as attainable.

The Sorbene products are exceptionally flexible and may likewise be folded to be used as wipes. One Sorbene product will be used for 6 to 8 cycles, not in the least like alternative standard pads that should be used once.

Sorbene product gives the solution to the organization by providing the disposal of used products, to diminishing the carbon effluent outflow within the air by a minimum of fifty percent from the general product available in the market. Sorbene merchandise is versatile and can serve as a range of functions.

Our Technology

Sorbene products are graphene-based, with excellent absorbency, flexibility and are cost-effective.

These products are exceptionally adaptable and can likewise be collapsed to be used as wipes.

One Sorbene product can be used for six to eight cycles, not at all like other conventional pads which must be utilized once.