New Delhi: Log 9 Spill Containment Pvt Ltd., a Graphene nanotechnology-driven product development organisation operating in chemical and oil spill containment domain, has established its operational facility in Raigad, Navi Mumbai.

These products can absorb oil, petrochemicals and various hydrocarbon-based fluids up to five times more effective as compared with other polypropylene-based products existed in the market, the company said.

“The company established in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) Industrial Area and it is the largest commercial mass producer unit in the county that has been started for the assembly of products which is Graphene-based,” it said during a statement.

The new facility will enable the organisation to rose-up the production of its wide range of products aimed at containing spills of all forms. The company’s product line of merchandise under the name ‘Sorbene’, consists of Sorbene pads, Sorbene socks, Sorbene pillows, and Sorbene spill kits.

“Our infrastructure facility is the first-of-its-kind as well as the biggest producer for Graphene-based products in the entire country,” Chief Executive Officer Dhananjay Sharma said.

In the initial section, the company have around 45 people along with the management team working, which will produce 60,000 units like Sorbene pads, socks, and pillows every month.

Log 9 Spill Containment began its functioning as a fully-owned auxiliary of Log 9 Materials starting June 2019. The firm is already supplying its products in South East Asia and is looking at broadening its reach to the Middle East and the American and European markets.

Log 9 Spill has upraised a Pre Series-A funding of Rs 4 crore from star investors Renjit Shinto and Omkar Ghaisas and a major part of this value has been consumed towards constructing the new manufacturing unit.