Log 9 Materials a nanotechnology-based startup, explores graphene technology, has floated a subordinate as Log 9 Spill Containment Pvt. Ltd that may target on clean-technology.

The company, a part of the TIDES incubation centre at the Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee, will fabricate products for managing and containing spillage of chemicals and hydrocarbon-based liquids from water bodies.

The Mumbai-based subsidiary discloses that it is already started selling its sorbents to a number of petrochemical refineries, marine clean-up and environment safety partners.

“Recently, we are experimenting with the micro-channelling and absorption properties of graphene, and produced creative oil sorbent range that can soak oil, petrochemicals, and another hydrocarbon-based liquid, up to five times more efficiently as other sorbents present in the market,” said Akshay Singhal, chief executive officer at Log 9 Materials.

“With initiating the operations for Log 9 Spill Containment as a Pvt. Ltd. company, we are able to reach out to industries using related products or offerings with respect to cost savings and positive environmental effect,” he added.

Founded in 2015, Log 9 had raised Rs 3 crore in a pre-Series, funding from a group of investors together with Hemant Luthra, chairman of Mahindra CIE (auto-parts maker), Metaform Ventures, and GEMS Partners a Delhi-based micro venture capital firm.

The organisation has yet released graphene-based nanomaterials including Log 9 Sorbent for absorbing chemical and oil spills, PuFF a cigarette filter that cuts down toxins and a metal-air battery to produce clean energy solutions for electrical vehicles.