Customisable Oil Absorbent Pads by Sorbene

Oil Absorbent Pads

Sorbene oil absorbent pads contain proprietary graphene, with a high surface graphene structure. Our oil only spill pads are ideal for placing beneath machinery base, piping joints, along walls, and surrounding equipment. Use them in the basement and garage for any oil spill or persistent leakage. Sorbene Oil Absorbent Pads are ideal for soaking up oil and any oil-based fluids. The product lifecycle may vary depending on liquids absorbed and extracting conditions.


• 50% more absorption than other oil spill pads available in the market.

• Absorption of up to 86 times their weight.

• Reusable up to 6 to 8 times making them very economical.

• They are suitable for light-weight duty, however, robust enough for daily use.

• Absorbs and retains oil that can be extracted with ease.

• Keeps the floor clean, dry, and hazard-free.