Customized Oil absorbent Pillow by Sorbene

Oil Absorbent Pillow

Sorbene’s Oil Absorbent Pillows offer extraordinary wicking effect. These oil only pillows are perfect for setting underneath hardware base, funneling joints, the covering of capacity, making limits along with dividers, and incorporating gear. These pillows utilized as a liner to keep retires and devices perfect and liberated from grime.
Oil absorbent Pillow is a perfect solution for high capacity localized spills and leaks. It is produced from polypropylene and graphene.

• Contains proprietary graphene, with a high surface graphene structure.
• 50% more retentive than most traditional absorbent pillows.
• Reusability makes it economical and diminishes the expense.
• Suitable for both lightweight duty and intense day to day use.
• Absorbs and holds oil, lubricants, and solvents.
• Keeps floor perfect, dry, and peril free.