Chemical Absorbent Socks

Sorbene Oil Socks

Sorbene absorbent socks are basically used for leaks, spills, and ideal for placing below machinery base and piping joints, along the walls and surrounding equipment. Our socks can be used for basement and garage – easy to scrub up any leak as it is good for oil and any oil-based fluids, can be reused (the number of uses depends on liquids absorbed and also on extracting conditions).

Socks are produced using polypropylene and graphene as it is light-weight and intended to rapidly ingest and hold oil or any natural liquids, contains restrictive graphene, with a high surface graphene structure.

• Not build up the spun-bond external sleeve.
• 50 % assimilated than most contender socks.
• Absorbs more and can proceed for longer which decreases the worth.
• Worth evaluated for lightweight, anyway powerful enough for day by day use.
• Absorbs and holds oil, greases, and so forth.
• Keeps floors spotless, dry and peril free.