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Customisable Oil Absorbent Pads by Sorbene

Sorbene Pads

Sorbene absorbent pads are ideal to be placed under machinery base, piping joints, along walls, and surrounding equipment. They are very light, flexible, and can be handled with ease.

Customized Oil absorbent Pillow by Sorbene

Sorbene Pillow

Sorbene absorbent pillows are suitable for high absorption and persistent leaks that might occur in your basement or garage. It can clean up oil, chemical, or any fluid-based spill.

Sorbene Socks

Sorbene absorbent socks are light-weight and designed to contain and quickly absorb oil, chemical, or any other fluid-based spills. These socks snug around to prevent any seepage.

Blood & Mercury Spill Kit

Sorbene Spill Kit

Sorbene Spill Kit is available for oils, chemicals, and universal spills. The spill kit contents are a combination of Pads, Socks, Pillows, Gloves, Masks, Eye Care & a Container. We also customize the kit as per your requirements.

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