SORBENE UV Air Purifier

Sorbene UV Air Filter is designed with safety first features to decontaminate air from aerosol and other airborne microbes. It is made-up of UV-C safe material with 4 UV blocking layers to ensure personnel safety.

There is a high risk of airborne transmission when we share an indoor space with an infected person. As they exhale thousands of pathogenic aerosol particles are emitted which can hang around in the air for hours.

As we are starting to go back to work and other public places in the new normal, it is important that air in these places is disinfected effectively to reduce the risk of transmission.

Sorbene (from Log 9 Spill an undertaking of Log 9 Materials) building on Log9’s expertise of UV Disinfection announces Sorbene UV Air Purifier for home, offices, and commercial establishments

Sorbene UV Air Purifier can reduce the viral load in an indoor environment by 99% in as low as 25 minutes.

We are now accepting pre-orders. Make your workplace a safe space for your team.