Blood & Mercury Spill Kit

Sorbene Spill Kit

Sorbene Spill Kit is a combination of Pads, Socks, Pillows, Gloves, Masks, Eye Care & a Container. With excellent quality, effective performance and cost competency.
Our Spill Kit can be used in various oil rigs, automobile industry & service centers, oil refineries, lubricant companies, pharmaceutical companies, chemical engineering sites, hospitals and many more. Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces. You never know when a spill of hazardous liquids might occur, and you want to be fully prepared if one does. Spills of hazardous substances such as chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants cost significant amounts of money each year in lost revenue, lead to pauses in production, and result in safety fines.

We offer multiple spill kit choices including universal, oil-only, and chemical spill kits. Sorbene spill kit contains a range of absorbents and can be chosen based on your requirements. Based on the types of spillage that your work area is prone to, we can provide you with the ideal spill kit. They are designed carefully to ensure utmost efficiency in any potentially hazardous situation. You can even create a custom kit to meet your specific emergency needs.