Universal Absorbent Socks

Universal Absorbent Socks ought to be a section of each spill management set up. Absorbent socks are often used to contain non-aggressive fluid leaks and stop spills from spreading on the ground. These socks act as a defense barrier against leaks. The extra-dense material permits it to hug floors to prevent any seepage. The high-quality polypropene skin of our socks not solely resists exploding but also reduces dirt and holds in liquid after being saturated.
Sorbene multi-purpose spill absorbent socks can absorb the foremost common industrial liquids as well as oils, fuel, water, chemicals, and so on. Lay down absorbent socks as dams, to absorb the liquid.

• Easy to mold and place around leaky equipment and machinery.
• Hold up liquid even after saturation.
• Multi-fluid absorption with impeccable efficiency.
• No seepage across the socks.