Blood & Mercury Spill Kit

Sorbene Spill Kit

Sorbene universal spill kits also are referred to as general purpose spill kits or all-liquid spill kits absorbs most unsafe chemicals (acids, solvents, oils and fuels). In the defence against spills within the work, universal spill kits are a perfect mobile response unit and might be taken quickly to the spill.

Universal spill kits accustomed absorb fluid, degreaser, paint, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels in addition as delicate acids, bases and water-based chemicals. For use with all-liquid spills on sealed surfaces, these efficient kits offer close up protection for several vehicles and workshop applications in addition as hospitals, and laundries.

Based on the categories of spillage that your workspace is vulnerable to, we will offer you with the perfect spill kit. They’re designed rigorously to confirm utmost potency in any probably risky scenario. You’ll even create a custom kit to satisfy your specific emergency desires.