What is a spill kit? | Spill Kit Contents Checklist-Sorbene


Spill accidents are common at workplaces involved in handling, storing, or transporting oil or any hazardous chemical substances. These oil and chemical spills are very dangerous to the environment as well as to human beings. To deal with these accidental spills, a spill kit is a must-have safety tool for spill control and cleanup. When a spill happens, it is crucial to contain the spread; otherwise, it might lead to other problems such as fire hazard or exposure of hazardous chemicals to humans.

Which Industries or businesses can benefit from these spill kits?

These emergency spill kits can be used at refineries, restaurants, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, transport companies, oil drilling sites, the food processing industry, and other industries prone to such spill incidents. These spill kits contain absorbent pads, pillows, socks, gloves, biodegradable bags, goggles, and other must-have personal protective equipment. For a quick response, these products and PPEs are placed inside a movable container.

Various types of spill kits are available based on the spill problem but generally, you will find these standard spill kits in the market. These spill kits are:

1. Oil-only spill kits: These spill kits are suitable for all oil-related spills. The material used is usually oleophilic (absorbing oil) and hydrophobic (repelling water), allowing only oil absorption and repelling water. These unique materials make it easier to contain and clean the oil when water is also mixed.

Sorbene oil-only spill products are made up of both graphene and polypropylene providing a visible edge over traditional products available in the market. The graphene provides a large surface area to volume ratio for maximum absorbency and more retention. Sorbene products are also reusable that maximizes the return on investment.

2. Chemical/Hazchem spill kits: Most industries now-a-day deals with some kind of chemical. These chemical spill kits are suitable for such workplaces and works against the most common type of chemicals. Before buying chemical spill kits, you should be aware of the type of chemicals your workplace deals in and look for a spill kit accordingly.

Sorbene’s Hazchem spill absorbent products are ideal for soaking up Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, toluene, acetone, turpentine, etc. Sorbene absorbent products allow 50% more absorption than other similar products available in the market. You will also notice a better wicking effect when using Sorbene absorbent products for spill cleanup.

3. Universal/All-purpose spill kits: As the name suggests, these spill kits are for all kinds of spills that could happen at your workplace. If you are not sure what you are dealing with, you can buy a universal spill kit for any unexpected situation. Most of the universal absorbent products are suitable for water-based spills such as coolant, solvents, etc. But you can also buy hydrophobic ones that will repel water and absorb everything else be it oil or any harmful chemical.

4. Mercury spill kits: Mercury is an extremely toxic metal. Even the small traces can affect our neural and renal systems. The mercury is used in many industrial applications like thermostats, spent batteries, in chemical forms such as mercury chloride, etc. At room temperature, the mercury vaporizes readily which makes it very dangerous. The mercury spill kit for quick response is a must-have spill kit for workplaces prone to mercury spills.

Spill Kit Content Checklist 

A container: The container should be labeled properly, easy to notice, and accessible. It should contain everything you need for spill control and cleanup.

Absorbent Socks: Absorbent Socks are used to containing the spread of the spill. It is flexible and should provide a snug fit to prevent any seepage. These socks can be used as dams and placed around the spill area for a cover-up.
It is also important to make sure that your socks are compatible with the type of spill that might occur at your workplace. Sorbene socks are flexible and easier to handle during a spill response. They retain fluids for a longer span of time.


Absorbent Pads: These absorbent pads are used for the cleanup of the spilled content. You can use them to absorb the spill or any runoffs. Make sure that you buy the pads that are compatible with the spilled content as there are different types available in the market such as oil-only pads, Hazchem pads, etc. Our Sorbene absorbent pads have 86 times absorbency and can be reused up to 6 times due to the proprietary graphene we use in our products.


Absorbent pillow: These pillows are used for high capacity absorption and localized spills or persistent leaks. You might or might not need them. Make sure to evaluate the danger at your workplace before making a decision. Sorbene absorbent pillows provide 50% more retention than other products available in the market. The high absorbent capacity of pillows makes them suitable for persistent leaks and spills which require high capacity.


Disposable bag & ties: These bags are used to collect the absorbent materials. Always ensure to label these bags properly for safer handling.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): PPE includes gloves, safety masks, safety goggles, boots, etc.

All Sorbene spill kits are customizable as per your requirements.